Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shopping My Closet... For Free

I had already determined that a physical lack of clothing was not my problem.  I had clothes.  I just didn't have the inspiration to confidently put together an outfit that was comfortable and stylish.  After weeding out the duds from my closet, I began to look around and take note of outfits that I liked and that fit my lifestyle.  Though I wanted to look more pulled together, I still live a busy, messy life with five children under the age of ten!  When I was in the grocery store, I would people watch and try to see if I had items in my closet that could mimic the looks I saw.  

The internet was another inspiration.  Though I don't have my own Pinterest account, other bloggers would often link to their style or clothing pins and I would browse their links.  For fun I decided to see if I could choose a look I liked and find items in my closet to make a similar look. (Similar is the keyword here.  The goal was not to be identical!) 

I started with this picture for inspiration.  It looked basic enough.  

I had received a similar blouse for Christmas, though it was a solid, not a pattern.  I also got a scarf of the same length for Christmas, though not the same color, and there was a jeans in my closet that I had owned for about three years but never known what to wear with them. (And remember, I don't wear heels.)

I loved how I created a similar look (without spending any extra money) by simply using the items that were already hanging in my closet. 

As I continued to look for inspiration, I would sometimes come across an idea I liked, but lacked the pieces in my closet.  Since those items were wants, not "needs," I wanted to spend as little as possible if I purchased them. 

This outfit caught my eye.  This particular outfit looked warm and wintery and easy to put together, but since I've been nursing a baby or toddler for over nine years, I didn't have any dresses in my closet! 


I went to the Goodwill during naptime one afternoon while Brian stayed home with a few of the kids.  I browsed through racks and racks before discovering a short striped cotton dress all the way in the back of the store.  It was much too short for me to wear alone, but paired with jeans like I planned, I thought it would work fine.  Plus, I only paid $4.75. 

I ended up liking it better without the scarf and with a belt instead. 

Inspiration was the next step to my happy dressing.  How about you? Can you find a new look, simply by finding inspiration and then shopping your own closet?

{tomorrow: when in doubt...}

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  1. Kristin, I just love both outfits! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Agree, the second outfit looks better with a belt.
    Enjoying the series!

  3. I like the belt! (but the scarf looked good too!)

  4. i really kinda love the short dresses over leggings/skinnies.



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