Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vacation Fashion: What "We" Wore Wednesday

Recently Jenna @ Delighting in Today had a little fun showcasing what she wore on vacation.  We had the chance to go out of town for four days last week-- much-needed family time after Brian's super-busy working season-- and the girls and I decided to copycat Jenna  and have a fun little fashion show of what we wore every day.  (Because what woman doesn't like to see what other women are wearing?)

  • halter-dress: yard sale (Target)
  • shoes: Target
  • cardigan: hand-me-down (Target)

  • t-shirt: Target
  • jumper: hand-me-down (baby Gap)
  • sandals: hand-me-down (Walmart)

    Just a fun note about Alaine's jumper. For awhile Maddie was the recipient of hand-me-downs from two sisters who got their hand-me-downs from a cousin who got her hand-me-downs from a friend so by the time the jumper got to Alaine, she was sixth little girl to wear it!!
    {Friend -->  Cousin-->  Sister 1-->  Sister 2-->  Maddie-->  Alaine}

  • maxi-dress: Target clearance
  • cardigan: Ross
  • sandals: Shoe Department Encore
  • necklace: birthday gift from my parents...years ago


  • dress: hand-me-down (Target)
  • leggings: The Children's Place 

  • sweater dress: birthday gift (cc. Bates)
  • leggings: The Children's Place

  • maxi-dress: Walmart
  • cardigan: Target clearance
  • watch: birthday gift (Ta Da)
  • earrings: birthday gift (Walmart)

Excuse the odd shadows on our faces that were causing us to make odd expressions...


  • shirt/shorts: hand-me-downs from same 6-generation source as Thursday's jumper (Old Navy)
  • cardigan: hand-me-down (Target)

  • denim capris: Old Navy
  • lace tank: Gap Maternity (!!)
  • blouse: Old Navy clearance
  • bag: Goodwill (Old Navy)


  • tunic: birthday gift (Land's End)
  • jeans: Target

  • dress: yard sale (Osh-Kosh)
  • leggings: The Children's Place

  • shirt: Old Navy (been in my closet for at least six years!)
  • skinnies: Target
  • necklace:  Target

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  1. Pretty outfits! Love your maxi dresses. Your children are adorable.

    Visiting from Pleated Poppy...

  2. Fun!! Love your vacation outfits!

  3. Beautiful girls! Lovely outfits!

  4. Fun! Love seeing your outfits. :)

    I got a giggle out of Alaine's crossed arms in that first picture. How cute. :)

    And I really love the necklace you put with the last outfit. Pretty!

  5. I have the same Walmart Maxi dress except in blues and purples. I bought it and put it on to wear to church. On the ride there I kept thinking, "Wow, it's been a long time since I've worn a dress!" When we were almost there I realized that there's a reason I don't wear dresses...I still have to nurse the baby.

    Thankfully, I made that connection before church and managed to get her fed in private before the service began.

    Now, I'll remember to just wear the dress for date night :)


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