Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Diapering Experiment

We are in the middle of an experiment in our house. Well, I guess it would be better to say Owen and I are in the middle of an experiment. I have been interested in cloth diapers for awhile. Since I knew nothing about them, I started extensive research. That's how I am. If I want to know about something, I jump in all the way. Cloth diapering has moved beyond rubber pants and pins and there are so many, many options now.

For months now, I've been reading articles, scouring catalogs, checking the internet, asking questions. I found a book at the library with tons of info. My sister-in-law even sent me a short video demo showing how she diapers her baby with cloth. They live across the country so I can't watch in person! :-(

The last thing I did was submit a help question to a magazine I subscribe to and got loads of response for moms who currently use cloth diapers. Two of the ladies even gave me gently-used prefolds they are done with. Then I won a few brand new diaper covers from ebay for less that $2 a piece including shipping (a real bargain considering a cover can cost $10-12 plus shipping retail.)

This week, I decided to try it out. So far we've had success. No leaks yet. I'm starting slow so Owen wore disposables to bed, but one disposable a day is still not bad. We're hoping to save a few pennies and maybe even help out with potty-training. (They say cloth expedites training.)

Here a photo of my happy boy modeling his new look!

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  1. you gotta tell me what you think! i want to dive in but the start up is so expensive. let me know about washing. i try to only wash clothes 2 times a week....


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