Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gentle Call

W riter's block.  Maybe writer's quandry or writer's dilemma would be more appropriate.  Or perhaps, writer-has-millions-of-thoughts-circling-through-the-head-but-not-one-seems-vital-enough-to-inspire-words-to-flow-from-head-to-fingers-on-keys.  What a mouthful.

Regardless of the name for my condition, I am calling on you, faithful reader and friend, to spark the flame.  To restore the flow of words.  To simply inspire.  (And to any lurker out there, this is your chance, too!)

Oh, it is not so serious as I'm implying.  What would you like to know about me?  What are you curious to know about how I live, how I believe, how I cook, teach, or choose which blogs to read?  Want to know how I met my husband or how we named our children?  What would you like to have me share?  What stories should I tell?  Fill the comments.  Ask anything. All I ask is that you be respectful of me, my family, and other readers.


  1. I'm always curious to see how other moms of little ones structure their day to get everything done. I know it's not very fun to write about, but practical wisdom is what I need right now :)

  2. I think I'd like to know the answers to all of those questions, since you brought it up! ;)

  3. I would love more detail about what you guys eat... and some more detail about homschooling. And have you ever regretted homeschooling? (Im so scared I will mess up my kids!) Do you have date nights with your hubby? What religion are you? Is there any celebrity you look up to? What is your fav version of the Bible? Ok! Let me know if I can ask more! :)


  4. HA! You've got some GREAT questions already!!!

    Hmmmm.....How about- what are your goals(family goals) for the year???


  5. I also think it is fun to see how others' days are structured between meals and schooling and laundry and wiping bums, I mean noses:) I am always surprised with "new" ways to do things, or feel normal that I may be doing things somewhat correctly:)

  6. hi! so happy to meet you!

    i would love to know what your challenges
    are in parenting and being a loving, supportive

    what is your support system? who or what enlarges

    don't worry about the writer's block. when you have
    something to say, it will bubble up.

  7. Yeah, I'm in the same boat - I think you should answer all of the questions you listed! :)
    Specifically, though: I love a good love story, so tell us how you met your beloved! And I'd like to know how you choose which blogs to read. I just recently did some cutting down on my Google reader because I realized that I don't want to read just *any* blog for the sake of mindless reading. I want the things I read to be inspirational, encouraging, funny, happy, and beautiful. So, yes - what's your criteria?

  8. I'd be curious to hear answers to any of those questions. I like blogs that are eclectic - whatever is on your mind =)

  9. I'd love to here how you structure your day. I also love to hear how and why parent's pick their kids names! I'm pretty much interested in all/anything you'd love to share!


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