Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

This is the first of my summer series on being thrifty without feeling deprived.  If you have an money-saving idea, consider sharing it on your blog and leaving your link at the bottom of this post.  The only rule? Share what you know. If I've never personally tried an idea, I won't write about it. The same goes for you, but don't assume an idea is too simplistic. It could be new to someone or it could re-inspire someone else!

My first tip is quite simple: When cooking, cut back on meat.  Many thrifty people and websites will suggest serving meatless meals to reduce costs.  While I do serve a few main dishes without meat (homemade macaroni and cheese, simple bean tacos...), we really enjoy meat and don't like to have many dinners without meat on the table.  My solution is to simply cut the measurements in half.  If a recipe calls for a pound of meat, I use half a pound instead.  Most casseroles are full of other fillers-- beans, veggies, pasta-- so no one notices the reduction.  At least no one in my family does! 


  1. Smart girl- you "stole" my idea! HAHA!!! ;) I also cut meat. We might do a meatless meal once a week, but I definitely NEVER do the amount of meat a recipe calls for.

  2. Good idea. I would just as soon not eat meat (well, maybe once every week or two), but my husband loves it and feels sort of deprived if two or three meals in a row do not contain it. Will have to try this with a few different recipes!


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