Monday, July 4, 2011

Tri-Moms: Bulk Shopping

When Kathi suggested we talk about bulk shopping this week, I'll admit I wondered if I would have anything at all to say.  We do not do the whole warehouse shopping thing.  We have purchased a membership to Sam's Club several times in the past, but we found that we didn't use it enough to justify the upfront money, and until we moved in May, we didn't have the space to store large quantities. 

Still, compared to when we were a family of three or four, most of our purchases as a family of seven can be considered "bulk."  Gone are the days of 4-packs of toilet paper and quarts of milk.  So while I don't have bunches of advice or tips on how you can be the master of bulk shopping, I can share how we handle our larger than average purchases.

1) We grocery shop every other week.  I make a huge list, the cart is heaped, and the bags are bulging.  We (the kids and I) make an effort to get everything we need for meals and snacks for the next two weeks so we don't make repeat trips to the store.  (We try, but sometimes we do miss an item or two.)  We make an exception for milk, apples, and bananas.  We restock those items between regular grocery trips. 

2) Every Friday night or Saturday, we make a Walmart run for non-food items.  We've chosen to keep this separate from food shopping.  On Thursday nights (our bills night), we make a list.  We verbally run through the list of things we may need.  Shampoo?  Nope, we have plenty.  Toothpaste?  No.  Diapers?  Yes, both kids are almost out.  Dish soap?  No, we're good.  Laundry soap?  Yes, we're getting low.  Again, we are careful to get everything we need because there won't be another shopping chance until the following weekend.  In general, we don't stock up on many items, the exception being the weeks before I'm due to give birth.  Then we make sure we have at least double of everything so we can be free to snuggle the new baby instead of running out for napkins or deodorant!


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  1. We don't do a whole lot of bulk shopping either. Although I do stock up on toiletries when I can get them for free at a drugstore with a sale and a coupon.

    We do purchase our flour in bulk as well as almonds which Tim loves. I also stock up on frequently used pantry items when they are on sale since our meals tend to be very similar from week to week.

    Also, I'll be stocking up on office/school/craft supplies during the back to school sales. (Staples has already started theirs.)


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