Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Dress Project {Summer Challenge!}

I love a challenge, don't you?!  It has been so much fun re-designing Alaine's versatile polka dot dress.  It was an extra special treat to find out that the nieces who passed this outgrown dress down to Alaine have another identical dress (in a bigger size) that will be passed down at the end of the summer.  Here's to many more months of Dresses!  In celebration of that,  I want to open The Project up to my readers. 

Does your little girl have a dress that is a blank slate waiting to be decorated?  Get creative, jazz it up, and blog about it.  Then add your link to the entries under this post.  Don't have a blog but still want to join the fun?  Link to your Facebook or Flickr album instead! 

Now wait!  Since this is all done in the name of creativity and self-expression, I'm not going to put restrictions on your artistry.  If you want to redesign a shirt or your own dress instead, go for it.  I'll feature some (or all) of my favorite entries on my blog. 

Deadline for entry is Friday, August 31. 

Updated to add: What better incentive than prizes!  Two prizes will be given away to two entrants: a $30 fabric store credit from Vintage Linen Love and a fat quarter bundle from Southern Fabric


  1. Great, some motivation to get Eliya's dress decorated.

  2. Now I have my thinking cap on...hmmm...

  3. I'm so excited to get another sewing project crossed off of my list!


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