Saturday, June 1, 2013

a June Saturday-- 5K on a Hot and Sticky Day

This day-- this June Saturday-- was one of those days that was stuffed to the gills with a satisfying mix of both accomplishment and fun.

I ran my second 5K.  We awoke to a sweaty, muggy kind  of day, but the race was early in the morning before the heat became too oppressive.  Unlike the last time, all the kids came, too,  to watch and cheer me on. 

before the race

This was an out and back trail so I was able to pace myself until I got to the halfway mark and then give it my extra effort on the way back.  I managed to pass quite a few runners in the second half.  The lady in the yellow shirt (in the photo below)  ran beside me for most of the last mile until she finally pulled ahead at the end.  

I forgot to get my official time, but my iPod said I ran a 9:42 pace per mile.  I even placed third in my age group of women 30-39.  The man who won was also the winner at my first 5K.  He said that this course was harder because there was an incline unlike most races in our area that are flat. 

Looking a little less chipper post-race

After going home for a quick shower, we went back out for a celebratory lunch at a pizza restaurant we've been meaning to try since we moved to this town two years ago.  

Then it was back home to get to work.  Oh, but wait, we took another hour to play 2 rounds of Bocce ball first. 

Then we got to work.  We gave Finn (the dog) a bath, raked out and washed out his dog pen which took a long time and was extremely stinky work, pulled weeds, and watered the trees and rose bushes Brian planted a few weeks ago.  

 After another clean-up and round of showers, we went back out to grab ice cream for dinner (!).


Plus we needed to buy a shade tarp for the dog's pen so it was a good excuse.  When we got back home, Ben and Alaine were exhausted.  They snuggled up in bed (a "slum" party, as Alaine called it) and listened to a story on CD while they drifted off.  

Brian went back outside to fasten the tarp to the dog's pen while I made a batch of cookies for a homemade ice cream party we're going to tomorrow.  Oh, and did I mention I did three loads of laundry in between all the other goings on of the day?!  I'm tired just thinking about it. 

What did you do this weekend?  Any Sunday plans? 

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  1. I'm glad your race went well and you were able to have lots of family time.

    We've had a busy weekend so far. Friday night we had a BBQ at my parents house for our ladies' Bible study and their families. Then yesterday, the kids and I attended 3 different parties while Tim worked all day.

    My brother and sister-in-law are also in town this weekend (for my sister's going away party) so the kids and I will be heading back to my parents' house after naps to play games and eat dinner.

    I added some prints to my shop and finally pulled out my maternity clothes. Like you, I squeezed in quite a few loads of laundry, too :)


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