Saturday, June 22, 2013

a muddy, wet June Saturday

No, it was not a rainy day.  In fact, it was hot and sunny--a very "second day of summer" kind of day. 

However, it was a wet day because today  we hosted our annual sleepover for my youngest sister, Bekah.   Two years ago, we set the standard when we created a deluxe water slide-- playground slide made slippery with a running garden hose.  Last year,  a water balloon pinata was the main attraction. 

This year we decided to do a slip-n-slide.  I saw directions on Facebook to make a homemade slide, but Brian scoured the sale ads and found a store-bought one for cheaper than the supplies to make our own.

Some were not brave enough to attempt sliding onto a piece of plastic on their bellies so they stuck with the pool.

The older kids, though, were up for the challenge. 

The girls developed a part-knees, part hips sliding technique. 

Gavin showed no fear.  He caught on and figured out how to slide all the way to the end. 

In my continued effort to conquer my fear of sweat, I stuck it out with them in the heat, dipping my feet when necessary.  (Ignore my glowing white legs!  I am a red head afterall.)

This is the point where my camera batteries died so I can't show you the hunks of the watermelon we all enjoyed as an afternoon snack and the drippy, sticky mouths and bellies. I can't show you the mud-streaked legs or movie night in the living room.  

I can't even show you the eleven baby frogs Maddie caught and let swim in the pool (after I got out!).  Bekah wouldn't touch them, but she did help give them names like Kati and Gracie and John. 

I can't even show you that though the clock now reads 10:20 pm,  there are still a few kids reading by book light. 

How did you spend your Saturday? Do you have any fun water ideas I can file away for next year's sleepover? 


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