Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After the Book is Done

My unofficial blog series on reading is turning into an "official" series, I think.  We've talked about our reading quirks and how we choose the books we read aloud to our kids.  We've talked about whether we quit books we hate or soldier on , whether we prefer fiction or non-fiction, and what specific genres are our favorites. We also discussed whether we prefer to borrow or buy our books

So today I'm wondering...

If you decide to buy a book, what do you do with it after you finish reading it?  Does it automatically go on your bookshelf?  What about if you didn't like it? 

After I read a book, I ask myself 2 questions:
  • Will I read this again?
  • Will I recommend this to someone? 
If I can answer yes to either question, I give it a home on the bookshelf.  If not, out it goes!

It's trickier with kids' books because I have a few hoarders among my children (and it drives their very un-hoarder-ish mother crazy!).  If I pick up a book that we've never read and I'm not sure if I'll love enough to keep, I'll put it with the borrowed books in our library basket.  That way, I can read it once and if I don't like it or can't imagine myself reading it over and over, I "return" it to the library as a donation and the kids are none the wiser. 

1 comment:

  1. I ask myself the same two questions when deciding to keep a book I've finished. If it's a book I enjoyed, I will usually loan it out to others I think might like or benefit from it.

    If it's something I wouldn't read again or share I usually just drop it off at Goodwill, although I still want to try Paperback Swap.


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