Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning Without "School"

Having just given birth, I have had no time or energy to jump back into homeschooling the kids. We were prepared ahead of time to take a week or two off to recuperate and concentrate on life! However, thinking back on the past two weeks, I've realized just how much learning Gavin and Maddie and even Owen have been doing.

We read picture books while Ben nurses. We went outside and collected leaves, acorns, and an interesting feather. We read a biography of John Smith. After finishing a book about Francis, the kids had me look up badgers in our giant animal book. They played color games and strategy games. They colored and made crafts. They recorded the weather for each day on a chart.

Practical skills were honed, too. They helped give the baby a bath. They made cookies. They sorted and put away laundry. They learned to put a CD in the player and turn it on!

It goes to show you don't need textbooks and worksheets to get an education.


  1. I want those sorts of things to be the bulk of my kids education... at least in the early years. Great job... now if you can just get it all recorded before you forget! :)

  2. Aww, I remember reading a Frances book! I wonder where it is now. Sounds like they are learning a lot. I think just having their little brother around will be a great learning experience (one I missed, being the youngest myself).

  3. You're doing a great job. I agree. Not all learning comes from text books and typical sitting down- structured learning. :)


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