Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday-- Extra Seating

Our sets of buns (as in heinies, not the cinnamon variety!) are increasing in number, but our sofa has not grown along with our family size! A couple of years ago, I made a set of floor pillows out of some brown corduroy. We keep them stacked in the corner where they can be pulled out easily when needed. The kids plop on them to watch TV. They also come in handy when we have guests and the adults are filling the comfy spots in the living room. We also pull out the floor pillows at nap time since we aren't very strict about where Owen sleeps during the afternoon as long as he lying down and resting! (The floor pillows have on occasion even served as walls to a fort!)

As large as these pillows are, my angels began arguing about who would have to share. It is quite an insult to be the one to sit on the seam between two pillows, you know. I decided the time had come to add to our stack of pillows. I had a couple of large pieces of fabric I had been looking to do something with, so I made Gavin and Owen each a special pillow for Christmas. (New use for pillows: sitting on them while opening the rest of your Christmas gifts!)

Family movie night in January was an extra-special affair, too!

Edited to add: Several people asked what I used to stuff my pillows. I buy bags of Poly-Fil at Walmart for about $3/bag. It took less than a bag per pillow which I figured was pretty economical!

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  1. I started to make some large floor pillows like that but they were so expensive to stuff I never finished them. What do you stuff in yours?

  2. I'm always so seemed to never get ruffled when there are problems with the kids. You figure out a solution and get'r done! What a great mommy you are!!!

    Love the last pic!

  3. This is a great idea! I usually make my kids sit on the hard floor. :) But, this would be better.

  4. I'm with brudcrew, what do you stuff them with. I was wanting to do the same thing but the stuffing was so expensive I could buy the whole pillow at IKEA for a better price.

  5. OH, you make me want to learn to sew SO bad!!!

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Cute. I love the picture of the three of them sitting on them. But I wonder, where do you keep them when not in use? Lisa~


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