Friday, August 7, 2009


One of summer's pleasures: waiting for the icecream truck
I'm dusting off the phonics books and the history guide that were stacked on the shelf at the end of May. I'm bringing the school bags back downstairs from their summer stay in my bedroom. I'm picking out art prints and sharpening pencils. I'm thumbing through the new Bible story book and missionary biographies that arrived in the mail last month...

For the school year begins at our house on Monday. 
My pulse has quickened and my mouth has gone dry. I'm more than a little nervous. This is the first year with two in school and two more to occupy (a pre-pre-schooler and a pre-pre-pre-pre-schooler, I like to say!).

How will I adequately teach two math lessons and not feel like I'm neglecting the youngers? How will I engage all four in our history reading? How will I have time for nature walks and still give naps and prepare meals and keep the house tidy?

I don't know...and it scares me.

But my husband has wisely reminded me that it will not always be this way. This is a season. A Busy Season. A Season of Adaptation. A Season of Letting Go of Expectations. A Season of Relying on HIM.

It He has called me to this homeschooling journey (and I believe He has), then He will smooth the path in front of me and light the way. "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

So we begin. Hesitation and fear mingle with excitement and new beginnings for there is much in which to find joy. The summer has been mild and happy, and brimming with friends and visits and sand and bikes and chocolate chip cookies. My baby girl with the sheep-bleating cry who once lay helpless in my arms will now pick up her pencil to begin kindergarten! And the babe who joined our family in the previous school year can now grin through wide-spread teeth as he knocks over brothers' block towers.

As I tiptoe to the edge now, my eyes are closed in prayer and anticipation.

I'm diving in.



  1. Girl- I admire you so much! I think you'll do a fabulous job! You must have the patience of a saint... whenever I contemplate it with littler ones, I just get shivers!!! Praying y'all have an awesome year!

  2. I'll be praying it goes well with you all!

  3. You'll do fabulous as usual :) !
    But i can imagine how you feel.
    God will keep you going.
    Many Blessings,

  4. I KNOW that you can do what is needed! A few things I am thinking:

    ~ Remember Charlotte Mason's short lessons. You can do a lot in a little bit of time.

    ~ Remember that all of life is learning. History (or science...or whatever) can be read as a bedtime story. Books on tape, art prints displayed, music in background, teachable moments...all contribute to "education"! And you guys are reading all of the time anyway...carefully chosen books are (don't tell)...SCHOOL!

    ~There will be years for you to do things that you can't do now. The "olders" will become older and can take turns helping with the littles while you're teaching someone...and will be more help doing household things, etc.

    Have a good start to your new year!

    Much love and prayers,

  5. So nice to hear someone else is feeling this way...I am overwhelmed and I haven't even started. I have two in school this year as well and 3 wee ones to NOT neglect. Trusting Him and His ways...I'll be thinking of you as I rely on Him to get me through each day and all that it holds...your sister in Christ


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