Friday, June 25, 2010

Peace, Be Still

It was late in the evening when the rumbles started.  It started in the distance-- the sky booming under its breath. Then flashes of light burst through the slits in the blinds, illuminating the darkened dining room.  We scrambled to unplug appliances and gather candles as the storm gathered strength.  Rain clawed at the windows and then suddenly, all went dark.  Brian dug up the only flashlight with working batteries while I stumbled into the kitchen to put dirty glasses in the sink.  Then the lone beam lighted out pathway up the stairs for bed. 

But another gentler sound joined the chaos of nature.  A soft whimper met my ears and I made my way to Benjamin's side.  He sat up on his knees in bed, eyes bleary, whispy hair sticking up in all directions.  His Buzz and Woody T-shirt clung to his sweaty chest and he reached for me.  I attempted to settle him back in bed, singing a lullaby and rubbing his hair back into place.  Still he whimpered.  I gathered him into my arms and settled him into bed with me.  While the storm raged outside the window, while the wind howled with a blizzard's vengeance (though it was still 85 degrees), while the sun-dried leaves brushed against the window screens, Benjamin closed his eyes and fell into a care-free slumber. 

As He often does, the Lord choose to speak to me in one of the vulnerable moments of the night.  Just as Benjamin surrendered all his fears in the comfort of my arms, HE wants me to do the same with Him.  He doesn't want to me to be calm after the storm.  He wants to be to rest in Him in the midst of the storm. 

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

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                   A Night of Grace


  1. So very, very true! An important lesson I am in the midst of learning. Thanks for sharing!


  2. what a great message from the Lord.

    ps. i have your box all packed up for you, i just have to get to the PO and mail it!! so excited. :)


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