Monday, December 6, 2010

My Cookie and My Story

Baking Day is next week.  My mom, my sister, a smattering of kids, and I gather in my mom's kitchen with bags of flour and boxes of butter.  We spend the entire day singing along to Christmas music and mixing up multiple batches of holiday treats.  (I am not a big fan of using the word 'holiday 'as a substitution for the word 'Christmas,' but I mean it literally.  We make enough to last us to New Year's and quite possibly Valentine's Day...well, maybe not.)  It's festive and it's tradition.

This week, I am a finalist in Kendra's A Cookie and A Story Contest.  You can read my story by clicking here.  You can read others' stories by returning to My First Kitchen every day through the 21st. 

Voting beings December 22 and runs through the 28th at My First Kitchen.  One vote per person per day.  I'll remind you.  Wink.


  1. Congratulations on being a finalist! Great cookie...great story!
    (And please do remind us to vote. :-)

  2. I love it! And I love those "cookies"!


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