Thursday, April 19, 2012

How Do You...Interact With Other Homeschool Familes?

How do you interact with other homeschool families?

One of the most beneficial ways we've joined together with other homeschoolers is through our small co-op group.  Ours is not the typical large gathering of classes and activities.  Our is a four-family monthly event that is small enough and simple enough to be held in our homes. (And yes, my kids make up 5/8 of the group!)  We've chosen to have ours be a Charlotte Mason-style co-op so every month we take a nature walk, read a selection of literature, recite poetry, have tea time, have show-and-tell, and do a craft. 

October 2011 co-op meeting

My kids love it because they get to hang out with their friends all day.  I love it because we get a full day of school in and there is time left over to fellowship with the other moms, gleaning encouragement and ideas. 

Valentine's Day 2012 co-op meeting
You could recreate this kind of interaction in a variety of ways.  It could be as basic as having a monthly get-together with one other family to do an art project together or you could invite two or three families into your home to do a few unit study activities. 

One other way we meet up with fellow homeschoolers is through local one-time events.  We don't take on many long-term commitments right now because of having multiple little ones, but we try to take advantage of as many opportunities as we can.  Field Day, Talent Show, Art Fair, field trips...all are great ways to meet other homeschool families!

Field Day


How do you interact with other homeschoolers?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. We're hoping to make it to field day this year. It's actually on Emahry's birthday. She's so social it'll be the best birthday present we could give her.

  2. We go to a homeschool coop where the kids have 2 different classes that take for the school year, we love it, its nice and small but growing. Coop is over for the summer now, but we meet for park dates, parties, expo fair, field day, strawberry picking ans field trips.

  3. Not very well, I'm afraid. You won't believe this one. So now I have to be careful about who we hang out with, which is kinda sad! Great post!


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