Monday, May 6, 2013

A May Weekend

Last week, I lived life as a single mom, being the sole parent from wake-up to bedtime, while Brian worked crazy long hours.  It was all in an effort to get his work to a point where he could take a long weekend off so the two of us could grab a weekend away without the kids. 

It was a vacation for everyone because the kids got to spend the whole weekend with their grandparents and aunts.  I'm not sure who was more excited about the weekend-- the kids or us! 

Taken just seconds after Alaine had a toddler breakdown and collapsed on the bottom step
because there wasn't room for her on the top step with the rest of the group!

The highlight of our Friday was a nice dinner out.  I probably speak for moms of young children everywhere when I say it was a luxury to eat an entire meal without cutting someone's food, spooning food into someone's mouth, telling someone to sit down, or hearing, "Do I have to eat this?  Can I be done now?"  Plus, I didn't have to cook it!

On Saturday, we spent the entire day (10am-10pm!) at an amusement park.  It was cold, windy, and cloudy, but it kept the crowds away and we loved every minute of it.  We are both huge roller coaster riders and we managed to ride 9 coasters a total of 25 times!  

305 feet in the air with a 85 degree drop!

Brian drew the line at a few rides, though.  I went on the Drop Tower (a 272-foot, 72 mph free fall) alone and he stayed on the ground to take pictures while I rode this:

On Sunday we drove home, but we did stop at a large yard sale/flea market where we scored 38 books for a dime a piece. 

How did you spend your weekend?  Have you ever taken a weekend away without kids?


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Tim and I haven't had an entire weekend alone since the kids were born. Ours are so close together that we always have one still nursing when the next baby comes along :)

    We do however, get frequent dates with just the two of us. The past couple of months have been a little lacking, but usually we get a couple of hours alone at least two or three times each month.

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  3. When I was pregnant with our third child last year, I went ahead and booked a hotel, asked grandparents to babysit, and planned an overnight getaway for my husband and me without even getting an okay from him first. It was much needed as 2012 was a very stressful year and I knew that Hubby just needed a push to convince him to do it. He's a farmer so getting him to leave the farm for a night away can be tough! We enjoyed the relaxation and time by ourselves and came back refreshed.
    I know all about the single mom life :) My husband works full-time and farms the rest of the time so I do 95% of the parenting. It's hard, but I know that farming is in his blood so I would never ask him to quit so he could be home more.

  4. Fun, fun, fun!! So jealous of the roller coasters!!! I love coasters, and Nolan HATES them. So glad you got a chance to get away. I know how wonderful that feels!

    I was just able to take a weekend away with a couple of girl friends. It was delightful! And dinner out without kiddos? wonderful!

  5. How fun! My hubby surprised me with an overnight trip to an amusement park last fall for our anniversary (10 years). At first I couldn't believe we were going to do something like that without the kids, but it was fun just doing coasters and not all the kiddie rides. Plus, like you said, we actually got to sit down and eat a meal!


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