Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Party Times Two (and a half)

It's birthday season at our house.  We have 4 birthdays in the next 5 weeks, plus Brian and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary within that window, too.  We kicked off our time of celebration by doing something totally non-birthday related, but totally worth celebrating. 

We had friends over on Saturday night...and they brought dinner!  The pizza was eaten too quickly for pictures, or maybe I was too busy eating to worry about something so insignificant as a photo.  I did snap a quick shot of the peanut butter cookies we made for dessert.

Yes, friendship and pizza and adult conversation are all party-worthy! 

So are a happy group of ten kids who spent the evening playing hide and seek, strumming guitar, dancing in circles, and playing dolls.

On Monday, Maddie turned 10! We generally stick to a simple gathering with grandparents, but for this special milestone, she requested a tea party with friends. 

We chose a simple theme of sprinkles and polka dots and a color scheme of aqua and pink

Our menu consisted of cheese cubes, flower-shaped crackers, and fresh strawberries.

And tea, of course.  The girls drank peach-mango tea with cream and sugar.

After a few table games ("guess the number of sugar cubes in the bowl" and "how many items can you remember when we cover the tray?") and after Maddie opened her gifts, we cut into the main attraction-- the Cake Batter Cheesecake.

It was my first foray into the world of cheesecake baking, but it was so delicious, so simple to make, and came out so perfectly that I'm afraid I'm addicted.

It was a party to remember!

Oh, and did I say there was also a half party?  Since the original date we chose for her tea party didn't suit several of her guests, Maddie moved the party to the day after her birthday.  Instead, her Gran took her out for ice cream on her birthday afternoon!

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  1. I think Saturday night was definitely party material :) That picture of all 10 kids is adorable :)

    It looks like Maddie had a very nice birthday tea party...the cheesecake looks delicious!


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