Saturday, December 5, 2015

School in December

Our school year is divided into two semesters.  We start at the beginning of August and go through mid-December.  Then we take a long winter break to correspond with Brian's time off from work.  We resume in February and work through May. That's what we've done every year since Gavin was in kindergarten.

This year we are expecting a baby at the end of January and I'm not sure how that will change our school schedule.  I know for sure that we are not starting back to school any earlier.  Brian asked me if that was my plan and I considered working through January this year,  but I decided we all needed the rest and extended break from formal studies.  Overall, I don't fine, but when we took a few days off for Thanksgiving, I was surprised how refreshed I felt.  I think I am more mentally and physically fatigued than I realize!

We've worked hard all fall for that winter break.  We always accomplish much in the first four months of our school year (August-November) and result is a lighter spring semester.  We've now entered the snowballing period of December.  That's when we finish one subject which leaves us a few extra minutes a day to devote to another subject so we can put that one to rest and spend even more time on another subject.  I love this time of year because I feel the academics winding down for a season and I look back at all the hard work that my kids put in over the past months.

Between a birthday, holiday events, and medical appointments, we have only 11 school days from Thanksgiving until Christmas break!  I am not a naturally spontaneous person.  I don't like to take unexpected time off from school, but I sat down with my calendar in November and penciled in our days off so that surprises are minimal.  Despite the busyness, each day that we do have school is intentional and purposeful.  

Here is a peek into our December school days:

Bible consists of reading our Christmas prophecy scripture cards (2 per day), plus reviewing our Bible memory box

All of the kids will plug away at their math books until the last day.  Owen, Ben, and Alaine love math so this isn't a problem for them, but Gavin and Maddie are counting down the days.

We'll be done with the history book we're reading together on Wednesday.  That leaves the remaining days for two of the boys to tie up loose ends on their individual history assignments.  (Everyone else will be done history on Wednesday.)

For English, each child will continue grammar work until break and also do this Christmas scripture copywork 2 days per week.

Ben finished up his fall science unit on weather in November, but the three oldest kids need to finish the chapters they are reading.  Gavin is reading about crustaceans, Maddie is studying turtles, and Owen is learning about barnacles.

Gavin is taking a break from his art book until February, but the other kids will keep working on theirs until break.  Alaine and Ben are enjoying Christmas crafts and coloring in December.  Alaine, especially, is enamored with  thisbook! We also consider baking a creative art.  Maddie and Owen are loving that.  Owen plans to make fudge this week, plus we have friends coming on Friday to decorate cookies with us!

Typing continues as usual.  (Two kids hate it, one loves it.)

Alaine, Ben, Owen, and Maddie are singing in the children's choir at church so we're counting that for music.  They'll perform one song on a Sunday and then another song or two at the Christmas Eve service.  Owen is singing a duet with a friend, and Maddie is part of another duet.

What does your school schedule look like in December?  
When do you start Christmas break?
Any special plans to make learning fun this month?   

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