Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Psalm 42:5

A storm of grumps and grumbles darkens the children's evening. Sharp words are tossed while frowns blow from face to face. Why this upheaval, Lord? In a brief break from discord's ripples, I see my own image reflected in the puddle of discontentment.

In my search to find the source of their anger I need look no further than myself. How naive to imagine that in their passion to imitate me, they can choose only my noble qualities. So to change them, I must change me. Minute by minute, situation by situation, I must abandon my tendency to complain. Abandon my needless fussing. Will my praise encourage theirs?

Benjamin wakes up at 5 o'clock to nurse and doesn't resettle for sleep until the alarm signals the end of my night and my chance of extra rest...for I will yet praise Him.

Owen and Gavin shriek with little boy abandon and re-wake Benjamin. I dress and start breakfast with a cranky infant on my hip...for I will yet praise Him.

Oh it is a constant effort to work against my flesh.

I trip over board books and step on a stray Lego...for I will yet praise Him.

Owen needs his diaper changed and Gavin needs his math work checked and Maddie needs a drink of water...for I will yet praise Him.

Naptime is noisier and less restful than I planned...for I will yet praise Him.

Benjamin jostles around in my arms as I pound the chicken in frustration. I pause to sweep some crumbs and the dust pan skitters across the floor in my clumsy attempt. Maddie asks me to dress her doll and I snap, "Can't you see I'm busy?" bringing us both to tears. Grace through my setback...for I will yet praise Him.

Brian calls to say he will be working late...for I will yet praise Him.

It is evening again. The sun still shines. There is joy through our exhaustion, peace in our chaos. And we praise Him together!



  1. Thank you for that encouragement. I have been there so much lately. Being stressed doesn't make it okay to act the way I sometimes act...

  2. I've been dealing with the same thing. It's amazing how my attitude affects the rest of the family.

  3. Excellent post. I have been trying to work on this in my own life. I will admit, though, that Legos REALLY hurt when you step on them!

  4. Wow...what I needed today. How true this post is....

  5. That is just what I needed to read this morning... and, um, every morning :-) I get frustrated easily and am trying to work on it. Great post!

  6. Amen to that, Sister!

  7. This might be your best post ever, Kristin. How true!

    And legos really DO hurt when you step on them!

  8. I needed to read this. Today is my first day alone with two children. All is well but I have to continue to "praise him" still. Thanks for sharing.


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