Friday, June 5, 2009

The Bible Tells Me So

I have been away. Not by choice. My phone line was down, and boy, did I feel isolated! But I am back...


“Mama?” Owen said for probably the hundredth time of the day.

“What?” I answered, only half listening.

“I love Jesus.”

My full attention was snagged. “Oh, Owen, I’m so glad.” A tender moment…but it went downhill from there.

Gavin piped up, “Owen, you love God, too.”

“Nope,” he replied. “Just Jesus!”

(Maddie, our house theologian, made it her mission that evening to explain the Trinity to him!)


I’ve found that when the kids are having a hard time understanding a concept or how people in a story are related, I give them examples from their own lives. On a recent morning, we read the account of David and of his son, Absalom’s attempt to kill him. Amidst the jumble of names, I knew that Gavin didn’t grasp the magnitude of what we were reading. I said, “Gavin, Absalom was David son. Can you imagine trying to kill Daddy?”

A look of horror passed over his face as he said, “No, I would never kill Daddy. He is my best friend!”

A light bulb moment!



  1. Love it! :) What precious moments!

  2. Great way to look at things!!

    God bless-


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