Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

It is possible to be thrifty without feeling deprived and I'm sharing ideas in this summer series. If you have an money-saving idea, consider sharing it on your blog and leaving your link at the bottom of this post. The only rule? Share what you know. If I've never personally tried an idea, I won't write about it. The same goes for you, but don't assume an idea is too simplistic. It could be new to someone or it could re-inspire someone else!

Are you always as surprised by the increase in stamp prices as I am?  It seems as though in recent years, the price increases just as I am getting used to the old rate!  My solution: buy Forever Stamps in bulk.  Each year at income tax time, we buy a large quantity of Forever Stamps and keep them with our mailing supplies.  If the postal rates goes up during the year, it doesn't effect us because we already have our supply of stamps purchased at the old, cheaper price.  While this usually amounts to only 1 cent per stamp, over the course of the year the pennies add up, not to mention that it helps us use our time frugally since we are not running out to the post office each time we mail a birthday card or a bill.  I will admit, though, as much as I hate to spend money unnecessarily, I bend my policy at Christmas and buy Christmas stamps no matter how many booklets of Forever Stamps are stacked in the house.  I am a sucker for pretty mail in December! 


  1. I didnt know they even had such a thing ,thanks for sharing that.

  2. I didn't either...will be very useful with all the mail the kids send home to family.

    Thank you.

  3. We just recently started buying forever stamps. I love to buy a large stash with part of our tax return. It is really frustrating when you have to go to the post office to send mail because you need some 1 or 2 cent stamps.

  4. I've stocked up on Forever stamps before, but not with our tax return. Great idea on how to put that money to good use!

  5. How cute are you?? I do love a good Christmas stamp as well!! Great suggestion!



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