Monday, July 12, 2010

The Thirties

The thirties was the era when my grandparents were born.

My thirties is the decade I'll be entering on my birthday next month.

The thirties is the group of weeks I'm entering today with this pregnancy. 

The thirties.


  1. The thirties are great! Though I'm sitting here in week 37 a little worn and weary. If I never see the 40s, I won't complain. :) I just hope I can *not complain* now too. :)

  2. How exciting. You don't have much longer to go. Have you decided about cloth diapering?

  3. Beautiful!! Can't believe you're that close already!

  4. Yahooooooo for the thirties! :-D

  5. Wow, your pregnancy seems to have passed so quickly (but I suppose that is how it always is with other's pregnancies, just not our own). Just a few more weeks until you see that beautiful face!

    Are you considering cloth diapering? We've been in cloth for about 18 months now (the baby has been in cloth since she was 3 weeks old), and love it.

  6. Allyson and Jana,
    I am always so intrigued by cloth diapering and gave it a try with Owen for several months when he was still in diapers. We had a good experience, but I'm not sure I want the expense and extra laundry involved. I know in the long run, I could save money, but we really don't spend much on diapers and it is the only baby expense we really have so...

  7. The home stretch ,hurray!


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