Thursday, October 21, 2010

They Know

My kids love each other.  They love being part of big(ger than average) family.  They really do. 

I've had someone comment each time I've been pregnant when the current youngest tries to crawl into my lap-- the lap that must be shared with a big swollen belly.  The comment goes something like, "What is he/she going to do when the little one comes and he/she has to share his mama?"  The comment implies that the current youngest is going to resent having to make room for a new sibling.  It implies that we're going to have a fight on our hands.  And it is never that way.  Sure, there is a time of adjustment with everyone trying to find their new normal, but each time a baby is born, the kids draw the new one into their circle with enthusiastically loving arms!

They know a new babe means they have to help more.  They know it means giving of themselves.  They know having an infant means staying home more and going out less.  They know it may mean we have to leave the playground suddenly because the baby is tired.  They know it means paper plates and instant potatoes and canned fruit at dinner time.  They know...and they love it anyway. 

"Mama,"  Maddie said pointing to the photo collage on the wall.  "You know, if you get another one of those frames, you'll have enough spots for five more babies.  Then you will have ten kids."  They love it.


  1. I love this post. We are the same way...but no one believes us :)

    The kids are anxiously awaiting news. I was talking about making Judah's check up at the doctor, and Wesley asked, "Why are you going to the doctor? To get the new Baby?"

    Makes me happy :)

  2. So far our little ones love having new babies born into the family. We've never had any problems excet that they may try to love the new baby a bit rougher than what is safe :) What can you expect when they are so close in age.

    When we came home the day Eliya was born, Jonathan actually bit Tim because Tim was trying the shield the baby from Jonathan's rough hugs. While biting in anger is never a good thing, there definitely are worse things to get angry about than not being able to love on your new sister.

  3. It's amazing how much kids love being in a big family... my kiddos think that 12 is the magic number. :)

  4. Ha! Five more... you ready? :) Such sweet sentiments here.. you have a wonderful family!

  5. I really appreciated this post. I've just had our fourth and we've never had jealousy. Adjustments? Yes. Our last "baby" before our fourth was very clingy but even he adjusted so well!

    P.S. I really enjoy your blog.


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