Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kid Crafts For Christmas

Kids crafts for Christmas...say that three times fast! 

As much as I love to make things myself, I rarely do crafts with my children.  It's not just that it is messy, but I don't have enough hands to help everyone at the same time so sometimes it is more than a little overwhelming!  More often than not, though, I simply don't think about crafting with my kids.  We do school and read stacks of books and they play outside (Maddie would stay outside all day if she could!), and when they need something else to do, I usually suggest coloring a picture or doing puzzles on the kitchen floor...

...but when Kathi talked about doing Christmas crafts with her (seven) kids, I read with interest.  She suggested the simplest of crafts: the candy cane reindeer.  I got a little nostalgic thinking of making these when I was in school and realizing that neither of my kids had ever made one.  I gathered all the supplies at Walmart and took them to my parents' house on Sunday.   After lunch, my three oldest (ages 9, 7, and 5) plus my youngest sister (10) gathered at the table for craft time.  I told them, "You just can't get through elementary school without making one of these."  My other sister (18) said, "Well, I never made one," so she joined us, too! 

I figured the kid crafting was over for the season, but in the back of my mind, I  remembered this handprint Christmas tree my sister had showed me on Pinterest.  One afternoon while the older four were outside and Alaine had woken from her nap early, I scooped her up and sat with her at the table to make our own simplified version.  I used a piece of construction paper, a paintbrush, and finger paint.  She was cooperative (and a little intrigued by the squishy paint on her hand) and we finished in ten minutes.  Now we have a lovely keepsake to hang on the refrigerator and tuck in away in the Christmas box with our decorations to look at again next Christmas. 

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