Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Birthday Party

Having lived near the beach my entire life, you would think I would love it.  Think again.  I do appreciate the beauty of the ocean and I recognize that there are those who would gladly live where I do, BUT I can. not. tolerate sand.  I don't like it on me.  I don't like it in my car.  I don't like it in my kids' ears and hair and bellybuttons! 

However, last year when Maddie and Owen requested a joint birthday party with a beach theme, I got into the spirit of things and planned a wonderfully indoor, sand-free party!  

Here are some ideas for throwing an easy, beach-themed summer party:
  • Decorate with inflatable pool toys.  We found a pack of 3 tropical fish for $1. 

  • Hand out leis to your guests at the door to put everyone in a festive mood..  We bought a box of 100 for $3-$4.

  • Instead of a tablecloth, cover the food table or the gift table with beach towels.
  • Set up beach chairs for extra seating...or ask guests to bring their own. 

  • Play a summer game.  We found a Beach BINGO for less than $3 at a party supply store, but you could  go outside for a water balloon pinata or involve all your guests in keeping a big beach ball in the air. 
  • Line a beach bucket with a gallon-sized freezer bag and turn it into an ice bucket. 

  • Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top of frosted cupcakes.  Cut out small rectangles of Fruit Roll-up to lay on the sand.  Add a lounging Teddy Graham and a cocktail umbrella. 

  • Hang a summer wreath on the door.  I wish I had seen this idea last year when I had cocktail umbrellas to spare.  
  • As your guests leave, hand out beach-themed party favors as your guests leave.  We chose sheets of shell stickers, but you could hand out sand toys or one of these sweet treats instead. 
Enjoy the air conditioner and the gloriously un-gritty texture under your celebratory toes!  


  1. this post just makes me want to cry. i love the beach. i mean, i really, really love it. leaving orange beach last month was one of the hardest things i've ever done. (i know, weird ... but true)


    this is a great b'day party idea! beach chairs for extra seating, genius! beach towels for table cloths ... so cute! and i will HAVE to show Korinne those cupcakes.


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