Monday, November 19, 2012


Do you prefer paper or screen?  I'm referring to reading, of course.  My husband and I met in high school when we both worked for the public library so libraries make me feel all sentimental and cozy.

But... I was given a Kindle for Mother's Day and it didn't take me long to become a convert.  I still prefer my paper books, but I love my e-books, too!  The problem is, I'm a bibliophile that's also cheap, and it's a hard concept to pay for a book that I can't put on my shelf or loan to my sister when I'm done!  Except for one item, every single e-book on my Kindle I got for free.   

  is a brand new website, created with the purpose of
"rescuing your wallet from overpriced ebooks."

Featuring discounted and free e-books and PDFs, I will be a frequent visitor of this site.

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