Friday, June 14, 2013

"Old People" Routine

Around here, we keep our weekends busy, but I have a little secret.  The rest of the week, we are like old people.  We have a fiercely protected "old people" routine.  Every night, almost without fail, we put the kids to bed and sit down together on the couch with a snack. Brian watches TV and I browse the internet or blog.  Neither of us can read much at night, because, like old people, we'd both fall asleep. Most the time, we finish up with the 11 o'clock news before going to bed.  Like old people, we can't miss the weather forecast (though since Brian works outside, knowing details of the weather does serve a purpose). 

I use the term "old people" with the greatest of respect!  We love our routine and our quiet evenings. 

I'm looking forward to our "old people" weekend, too.  Tomorrow is a Saturday with no appointments (or races or events) and no company expected. Instead, the day will be full of errands, outside projects, a little Father's Day cooking, and probably a few games of UNO.   (It's the first unscheduled Saturday in weeks that has been this way and probably the last one like this for weeks to come!) 

What about you?  Do you love old people routines or do you prefer a little variety during the week?  


  1. For us it's "old people" all the way! :)

  2. Definitely old people :) I think it's hilarious that my husband's and my evenings mimic my grandparents'.


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