Monday, August 19, 2013

Lucky Ducklings

Lucky Ducklings:
A True Rescue Story

by Eva Moore
illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

 It's been awhile since I shared a favorite picture book.  I've talked about the longer chapter book we're reading, but not mentioned any of the books with which we fill the cracks.  Sometimes I'm uninspired when browsing the shelves of our smallish library.  I feel like we've read everything there worth reading and compared to the large library in our old town, the selection is not as varied. 

When I found Lucky Ducklings on an upper shelf, I was drawn the old-timey feel of the cover illustration.  Though it is made from a mix of charcoal and digital media, the colors have the soft muted look of an older book.  In fact, the book reminds me of the classic picture book, Make Way for Ducklings-- from the survival story to the rhyming duckling names. 

Lucky Ducklings is a true retelling of an event that happened in Montauk, New York in 2000.  When out taking a walk with their mother, a group of baby ducklings falls down into a storm drain.  Through the combined efforts of  an onlooker, a worker with a cable, and 3 firemen, the baby ducks were reunited with their mother.  My children love true stories and this was a special one! For a solid week, almost every time I offered to read  a book from our picture book basket, someone would bring me this one. 

By the end of the week, I brought out Make Way for Ducklings to mix things up a little. I'm sad to say that though it sits on our own bookshelf, my youngest two children did not remember reading it so we have now remedied that.

Have your read any picture books lately, old or new,  that are worth a recommendation?

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  1. Jonathan recently got If I Built a Car in the mail as part of the Imagination Library program. All of the kids enjoyed this book. Emahry and Jonathan even designed their own imaginary cars after hearing the story.

    Our library system has it (and If I Built a House by the same author ~ we just requested it).


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