Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Book Talk

I posted this photo on my blog's Facebook page earlier this week:

This is our pile of Christmas reading, a conglomeration of books we own and books we borrowed from the library.  This photo doesn't even include the additional stack we brought home this afternoon! (By the way, when I post book photos on my Facebook page, those photos get more views and likes than any other status or photo I post every. single. time.)

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This December, we're continuing our annual tradition of reading books aloud at the table after dinner.  We're starting with Amahl and the Night Visitorsby Gian-Carlo Menotti.  I'm hoping to be ready to move on to Danger on a Silent Nightby Marianne Hering and Nancy Sanders by next week.  Last year, I tried to give The Best Christmas Pageant Ever a one-year rest, but there was  overwhelming protest by the small folks so it has earned its place on our Must List at Christmastime.

As far as picture books go, I try to read three or four (or more) to the kids every day.  One of my favorite library finds this year is A Christmas Goodnightby Nola Buck. I'm also thrilled to have found our own copy of The Nutcracker (with the gorgeous illustrations by Susan Jeffers) this year. 

What are you reading this Christmas?

If you need some Christmas reading inspiration, be sure to click over to the book list I began compiling  with the help of my readers in 2011.  I'm still taking feedback, too.  If you have a beloved favorite that is not already on my list, leave a comment and I'll tack it on!

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  1. I love Susan Jeffers illustrations. I actually taught with her sister my first two years (she lives locally).


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