Monday, March 31, 2014

a Monday Morning Mommy Moment

This Mama wants to show off a little. If you are not my children's grandmother or other close relative, you may wish to click away (because there is no other point of this post other than to do a little bragging).


My three oldest kids are entering a local art competition.  The directions are simple.  Draw, paint, or doodle a migratory bird that can be seen in our area. 

Owen (7) knew immediately he wanted to draw a goose.  He settled at the dining room table and got to work, finishing in 20 minutes-- not because he was in a hurry but because he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  That is so indicative of his personality.

Maddie (9) was not so decisive.  She considered many, many different varieties of birds.  Then she doodled ten or fifteen on a scrap piece of paper.  "To practice," she said.  When she finally settled on the bald eagle, she asked if we could check out some books at the library so she could study an array of photographs before she decided how she wanted her eagle to pose. 

Gavin decided on a sand piper easily enough, but finishing his drawing took multiple hours over several days.  He is precise and particular and a bit of a perfectionist.  He was terrified that he would need to erase something and leave marks on his page.

The artwork went into the mail on Thursday. The deadline is mid-April and winners are chosen in May.


  1. I love all their drawings...and how the process shows their personalities. My Monday Morning Mommy Moment is that I'm reading this post at 7 am and all of my children are still asleep :)

  2. {Big smiles and bursting buttons from one who IS the grandmother of these artists and delightful people!}


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