Friday, April 25, 2014

Ordeal By Innocence

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I got a little OCD about the book challenge this year.  Because Kati put so many intriguing choices on the list (and because I was overwhelmed with wanting to read them all!), I am adding one of Kati's books to my to-read list per month. The book I picked for April was Ordeal by Innocenceby Agatha Christie.

The first book I read off of the Sisters Book Challenge in 2013 was Crooked House (also by Christie).  I mentioned then that since reading the most excellent And Then There Were None in my teenage years, no Agatha Christie book or any "whodunit" for that matter could ever live up to the gold standard. For that reason, I began Ordeal by Innocencewith apprehension, but though it was not as thrilling as And Then There Were None I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It earns it's rank in my mind as 2nd place Agatha Christie thriller. Even the author herself named it as one of her own top ten favorites. 

The book begins with the revelation that the person who was convicted of killing matriarch Rachel Argyle two years prior is actually innocent.  That fact opens up the question of who really did kill her.  Suspicions begin to simmer among the family members who were in the house the evening of the murder. As police begin to re-investigate, new evidence emerges that hints that every member of the house (and a few outside of it) may have had motive to kill. 

Do you read mysteries? Do you have a favorite to recommend?


  1. Oh, sounds good! I haven't read that one. I love a good mystery. One of my favorite mystery series is by Mindy Starns Clark - Million Dollar Mystery Series. It's been a few years since I read them, but I remember really enjoying them.

    1. I've read other books by Mindy Starns Clark, but never her mysteries. I'm going to have them to my list! :-)


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