Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gathering Moments

The month of May was gloriously simple.  Simple meals, simple plans. Normal days at home with nowhere to go.  Trips to the library. Catching up on reading and thinking about plans for summer.

Coming on the heels of the coldest, windiest, dampest, most lingering winter I can remember, May was a throw-the-windows-open kind of month.

It brought a few simple seasonal pleasures. 

We celebrated a quiet Mother's Day with our traditional fried chicken and picnic-y spread.  We took a few pictures before dinner and lingered at the table for conversation after dinner.  I made a new dessert-- peaches and cream bundt cake-- but missed snapping a photo of that.

We completed our school year on a random Tuesday in mid-May and celebrated with pancakes for dinner. Many of our memories center around food.  Is that a good or a bad thing?!

And now that school is out, let the games begin!

We enjoyed the chance to get outside without being overly cold or overly hot!  May offered days where both a jacket and a pair of flip-flops was acceptable. By the end of next month, I fear the mild days will be replaced by heat and humidity.

During one of our jaunts in the outdoors, Owen learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

I'm waving May a reluctant good-bye.

I'm linking to my mom's monthly series, Gathering the Moments, where we reflect on the month that has passed.

Thinking About Home


  1. It was a wonderful May, weather-wise. So glad that your family was able to enjoy it to the fullest. Great pictures!

  2. I have just scrolled through all of your pictures three times!! There certainly many memory-making moments, some of them moments that we shared. Oh, the weather was glorious, wasn't it?

    End of the school year...learning to ride a bike (go Owen!) times...simple plansblessings all!

    Glad you linked up this month!

    1. P.S. I have a photo of the (delicious) peaches and cream bundt cake.

    2. Could you send it to me?!

  3. It's been a cool May overall but delightful, too. Congratulations on another year of school finished!

    Love all your photos!


  4. I thought some of the people in these photos looked familiar. It looks like your quiet month was filled with good things. Congratulations on another year of homeschooling and have a wonderful summer.

  5. Grinning at Dotsie's true, one might do a double take here. Your description of May makes me hope fervently for such a June.

  6. Would you mind sharing your strawberry pie recipe? It looks so yummy

    1. Amy, the recipe is from my sisters' blog. Here is the link. :-)

  7. Hello Kristin
    Your wonderful May moments make me think of my family in France.
    They have another 3 weeks of school and then things are less structured - when one day rolls into the other!
    What a busy life you have with five gorgeous children - I love the 'take 1' and 'take 2' photos!!!
    I hope you get 'time out" too and can enjoy some "you" time occasionally.

  8. Loved seeing the peek into your month. by the way, I have a few photos of your kids from field day. I'll send them over to you soon.


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