Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Signs We're a Nerd Family

1) Jeopardy! is an event at our house.  We put the two the youngest to bed by 7:30 and the rest of us gather in the living room to watch and call out our answers.  Owen is eight,  it's favorite television show, and he refers to Ken Jennings on a first name basis. We took a hiatus this summer while the show was in reruns, but the new season starts tonight!

2) Library day is a special day.  Sometimes it involves cheering, even when we were going twice a week during the summer months. The librarians know us by name and we often max out our cards and our hold limits.

3) We thrive on lists. We have grocery lists, lists of meals, to-do lists, books lists, lists of things to draw, school lists, lists of house projects... I even have a list scribbled on the margins of my master to-read list of what specific books I want to read and in what order during September and October. 

4) My kids use words like non-dominant and brute when they play.

5) I spent three hours with my book at the beach on Thursday while my family played in the waves. As we were leaving, one of the kids said, "Mama missed out on a great day!" to which I replied, "No!  I had a great day reading!"

Okay. So I guess I was the lone nerd that day.

Are you a nerdy family?  A hip family?  A crunchy family?  A traditional family?


  1. We're such a conglomeration I don't think I could define us as one specific type of family. We're a little adventurous, a little crunchy, a little nerdy, a little entrepreneurial. Overall, I pray that we will be a God-loving family!

  2. Haha! You were the lone nerd. That's funny!

  3. No one would call us hip. Or crunchy.
    Traditional and nerdy would apply. And germophobic would fit some of us. :)


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