Sunday, February 1, 2015

In a Family of Homebodies

There are six of us in our family who would be content to spend the majority of our days at home. Reading, cooking, building Lego, watching movies, yard doesn't matter.  We prefer quiet days at home with a minimal of busyness. 

And then there is Maddie. Maddie thrives on doing and going and experiencing.  She loves socializing and she has people skills I only dream of possessing. She is assertive, rarely nervous in new situations, and will talk to anyone.  She is an extrovert in our household of introverts. A few days ago I was adding something to our family calendar for the end of February. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I commented on how busy we were going to be on that particular week and Maddie said, "Oh!  I love to be busy!"

As her mom, I try to venture out of my own comfort zone to allow her to spread her wings. She had been counting down to this weekend since the beginning of the month-- two social events in as many days.

First came Book Club.  The theme was the 1920s.  She read her book by flashlight in bed each night and prepared her snack to bring the evening before.  (Did you know Reese's Cups were created in the 1920s?)  When we picked her up after it was over, she filled our ears with details of what each of the other girls read and what snacks she sampled and what they did when discussion time was over.

The next day was a new adventure.  She packed her lunch and a tote bag, got up early to do her chores before we left, and then set off on a bitterly cold, windy morning for a 4-H all-day winter workshop.  She learned all about horses and made a large diagram of a horse's digestive system on the floor. She brought photos of her pets to begin work on her first scrapbook and she created a basket of homemade Valentine candy.  She also brought home a new recipe to try...and lots of stories about her day.

The rest of us enjoyed a more typical weekend.  It was not dull among the homebodies, though.

Ben lost his first tooth!

Alaine got a haircut.

And we worked on a big "home improvement" project. (But more on that another day.)


  1. Dear Kristin ~ I loved this post! I discovered your blog recently and have enjoyed it. I am a stay at home mom to two kids, ages 9 & 5. My daughter (9) loves to read. Could you tell me a little bit more about the book club? How often do they meet and what is the format? Where do you meet? I would love to start something like this for my daughter. Thanks so much! Wishing you another "homebody" week! ~ Jennifer

    1. Jennifer, we're new to the club so I can only tell you what I know. They meet about once a month in someone's home. Each girl can read a book of choice as long as it fits the era. (This time is was the time the 1930s...) Each girl also brings a snack and they eat and drink tea while the host mom leads the discussion.

  2. That is sweet. I am so happy for Maddie that she got her tank filled with lots of activity and people! Happy too for Ben's lost tooth, Alaine's haircut, your time at home. I have introverted moments, but I am an extrovert. I am at home a lot but not alone as I have the kids here with me. Sundays are full of people and that's fun.

    Glad that everyone in your family had the kind of weekend that they liked!


  3. It sounds like Maddie (and everyone else) had a great weekend! Our family is about the opposite with at least one or two kids asking me every day if we can go somewhere :) I tend to fall in the middle. I like time at home and time out and about.

    Oh, the suspense (but I'm pretty sure I know where that home project is in your house).

    1. It might be awhile before I can blog about it. The tearing out/ building stage is complete, but the painting part is tedious!


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