Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In Like a Lion

Maddie and I made a key lime cheesecake over the weekend.  Maybe that was our off-hand way of pretending that it is even a tiny bit warm outside. 

a slice of perfection

I mentioned our baking foray into summer on my Facebook page, but I did not talk about the reality of our March 1.  I'm hoping that the month lives up to its reputation and goes out like a lamb because it certainly swept in like a lion!

I was registered to run a 10-mile race on Sunday morning.  Earlier in the week, forecasters had predicted mid-40s, ideal running weather.  The race course had been cleared of lingering snow and the day looked to be near perfect. As the week progressed, the prognosis grew more dire.  Snow arrived again on Thursday morning and then the slush turned to ice on the race course.

Sunday morning dawned dreary and a frigid 18 degrees. Opening ceremonies were held in the warm, dry university gym, but when the starting horn was blown, it was 27 degrees and snowing. 

and we're off...

In a way, the nasty conditions took some of the pressure off.  First, it was dodging cones that were marking the slick spots and running with snow blowing into my eyes and mouth.  Then came the sleet and the thin layer of new snow on the path. I focused on maintaining mental toughness and pushing to do my best instead of meeting a precise time goal.

approaching the finish line

I had hoped to finish the race (10.07 miles) at a 9:30/mile pace, but I ended up completing it a little more slowly.  {My finish time was 1 hour, 37 minutes (a 9:41/mile pace).}

That March lion was so fierce it left icicles in my hair-- literally.  I wish I had thought to get a picture of that! 

The cold also did something funky to my eyes because it was a good ten minutes before I could see clearly after my race ended.   Frozen eyelashes? Dried out contact lenses? 

The after party offered warm soup and bread-- a highlight after a long cold run.  I was still hungry for Sunday lunch later at my parents'...and a slice of that cheesecake, too!

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