Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big Sister...and the other siblings, too

Someone asked if Alaine is excited to become a big sister.

The last time we added a new baby to the family, Alaine was the baby and she has enjoyed her status for the past five years.  Within the past year or two, the kids had all decided that we probably would not be adding any more children to our family.  One of them would say, "If Mama has another baby..."  and another would answer, "...but she's probably not."    

Brian, who is also the youngest in his family, starting teasing Alaine  and telling her she wasn't the baby because he was, to which she would reply, "No, I'm the baby of the family!" 

September 2010

When we found out I was expecting at the end of May, we kept it a secret from the kids for about 2 weeks.  When I started experiencing morning sickness, it was too difficult to hide it so we gathered everyone together at the dinner table to share the news.  I wrapped up a "Big Sister" t-shirt for Alaine asked her to open it before we ate.  All the kids wondered why she was getting a gift and they were not.  When she opened it, Maddie read the words aloud to her.  Everyone was shocked. 

Ben started laughing, Gavin and Maddie sat with their mouths open, and Owen's first response was, "Mama, tell the truth."  (As though I make it a habit to lie to him.)  

Immediately, Alaine decided she was happy to give up her title as Baby of the Family and she is embracing her new Big Sister role.  She's hoping for a sister, but she can't wait to hold the baby either way.  

We've also been asked if we're going to find out whether we're having a boy or girl.  I wouldn't mind the surprise, but Brian enjoys finding out so we will this time, too.  (Only once, when I was pregnant with Owen nine years ago, did we wait until the birth to find out.)  

I'll admit it will be nice to know so we can get prepared.  We have almost nothing saved.  Some things wore out or expired, some were given away when we moved, some were loaned.  Other things, like baby clothes and maternity clothes, are the wrong size and season.  

Our next ultrasound appointment will be in 5 weeks so it won't be long.  I'll be over halfway through the pregnancy by then!  

Did you find out the gender of your baby via ultrasound?  Did you wait until the birth to find out? 


  1. When we had our oldest, the ultrasounds weren't that great and you could not tell the gender. It wasn't until our third that we found out. I love knowing! I love thinking about them and calling them by name.


  2. Congratulations!

    We always find out and I tell everyone that I'm just as surprised as everyone else, only earlier than everyone else. :-)

    We are expecting number 6 in another month and a half. A boy! Totally upset the boy girl pattern, but we are all over it now. :-)

  3. We've always enjoyed finding out. I love a surprise, but only if I don't have to wait long. ;)

  4. I love their reactions :)


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