Saturday, September 26, 2015

All the Things

We completed our eighth week of school yesterday.  We've been plugging away at this school year for almost two months and it feels as though we have a semi-routine going. 

And then this week happened.  And our extra-curriculars realized that school was back in session, too.

We had a field trip on Wednesday.

Gym class started on Thursday.  This is Alaine's first year to participate.  She picked out a pink water bottle with hearts and laid out her favorite outfit the night before. 

She wasn't the only one that was excited, though.  I'm not sure what they enjoy more: the activities or seeing their friends.  (I could venture a guess.)

Friday was the first day of Book Club for this year.  While Maddie was snacking on homemade treats, drinking tea, and discussing Around the World in 80 Days with her friends, the rest of us picked up what we needed from Walmart...

...and stopped for a late afternoon treat.

With book work every morning and then activities taking us out of the house three afternoons in a row, I need a few minutes this weekend to get my house back in order.  The laundry is clean but not folded, and clutter, papers, and Legos are threatening a take-over.

The forecasted rain is altering some of our weekend plans and since that is keeping us closer to home, I plan to try a new recipe today that requires slow roasting in the oven all afternoon.  I'm also making a new fall dessert recipe to take to Sunday lunch at my parents' house.  The smells and tastes of this weekend are promising!

I'm going to savor it all before we beginning another whirlwind week.


  1. We've had a few of those whirlwind weeks lately!!

    ("But what about socialization?") ~wink~

  2. I hear you! I'm also driving a teenager back and forth to work! It's all good though, I just need to remember that it's a season of life and it'll be gone before I know it!


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