Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Picture Books Aren't Just For Toddlers

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Alaine and I have developed a happy routine of reading books together after our family morning viewing is done. I've been surprising her by having whole stack of books waiting via the hold shelf when we visit the library weekly. Each morning, she chooses several and we read together until Macie gets bored and can't be distracted from grabbing and chewing the pages. 

I've been sharing some of our favorites in quick blips on the blog's Facebook page, but several of you expressed interest in an occasional list on the blog, too.

The three I'm featuring today are picture books that not only appeal to older kids, but are actually better suited for the older set.

Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11  by Brian Floca

This book is unique in that it shares facts about this famous flight in a flowing, almost-poetic style.  I almost wish I waited to read it when we study the era in school this coming school year, but Gavin and I were enticed so we went for it. We learned the names of the three astronauts aboard and wondered why only two are household names.  We read about how the astronauts sleep and eat...and use the bathroom!... in space. I don't think Alaine (5) appreciated the book nearly as much as Gavin (13) and I did. 

Chopsticks by Amy Rosenthal

It's usually Maddie (11) who peeks over my shoulder when I read to Alaine, but Gavin shared this one with us, too.  It is technically written for young children, but they surely do not understand all the wordplay and inside jokes like someone a bit more mature.  

The Hole Story of the Doughnut by Pat Miller

This one might be a cheat because I already mentioned it on the Facebook page, but it's too fun to miss. Also along the food theme, this book is the story of the invention of the donut.  There are various tall tales detailing the creation of this confection, but this is supposedly the true version. Either way, it's a entertaining book, especially if you indulge in a donut before or after you read. (Don't miss the author's note in the back of the book!) 

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