Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slingin' Saturday-- Hotslings

Welcome to another Slingin' Saturday! To read my intro on baby wearing, click here!

Thanks to Molly and Tickatoo for their generous sling donation!

This week I'm going to review the first non-ring sling I ever tried. When I wore Gavin and later, Maddie, I had a closed ring sling that I was given by my local La Leche League chapter. I also had a hand-me-down ring sling that my mom passed to me after my sister Bekah outgrew it. I wore Owen in those but never felt as though I had the right fit. I wanted something a little snugger. I did a google search one day for a fitted pocket sling and discovered Hotslings. It took a few minutes to decide on a size. Hotslings has a wide range of sizes, but since they are based on a combination of weight, height, bra size, etc., I wanted to be sure I was choosing the right fit. I ordered one and began using it as soon as it arrived on my doorstep.

Since Owen was no longer a newborn, I carried him in either a kangaroo carry (facing forward with legs crossed in front of him) or a hip carry. This sling allowed me to take all three kids out shopping or for a walk without worrying about a curious little one getting away from me. With Owen securely in the carrier, I was free to hold a little hand in each of my hands!

I was amazed at the comfort. Owen was a whopper baby-- 25 pounds at 9 months-- but yet I felt very little back or shoulder pain even when wearing him for extended periods of time. The sling certainly saved my tired arms since Owen was a clingy baby and enjoyed being carried most of the day. Despite its heavy (excuse the pun!) use, I found my Hotsling held up very well. If it got dirty, I washed it and hung it to dry, and then it was back in use.

Knowing I was expecting a fall baby this time around, I wanted to get a fleece sling for chilly errand-running days. Molly at Tickatoo donated an Oasis Fleece Baby Sling by Hotslings for Ben and me to try. I was immediately taken by the soft texture of the fabric. So cozy. I was afraid fleece might be too stretchy, but while it does give, the fabric is sturdy and durable. The pouch on a Hotsling is more shallow than some pocket-type slings so it took some getting used to, but with Ben tucked securely by my heart, he fell asleep quickly.

This fleece sling is so warm, I have no fear of Ben getting chilled out in the cool air. I did find that my fleece sling was cut a little smaller than my plain cotton one so choose a size bigger especially if you plan to wear it over a sweater or coat.

Hotslings range in price from about $35-$57. They even have a pool sling made of waterproof fabric with built-in UV protection.

Don't forget to keep checking back for my sling giveaway this winter where I'll be giving away one of the slings I review! Can't wait that long? Sign up for my shoe giveaway by Monday at midnight!


  1. We have three kids in one small bedroom. Luckily, it has a large closet in which we store all of their clothes. Toys are in bins by the closet, and we slid a thin mattress under the bunk bed for our youngest. There isn't much space left over, with a little bookshelf by the bunk bed, so they play in the living room and then bring their toys back to their room when it's time to clean up.

  2. I have a hotsling too and I really like it. I see that Target carries them now...!

  3. I tried a pouch sling when Boo was smaller and couldn't get a good fit ("correct" size was too tight to get him into, next size up was huge), so I became disenchanted and gave up on them all together. I haven't tried HotSling, so I might have to see if they would fit better.

  4. I found that Hotslings actually fit better when Baby moves into the hip carry. The cradle hold is on the snug side.

  5. I too was surprised at how fleece could be so supportive. I haven't had one of those fleece hotslings, because I felt I could only use it for part of the year here, but we sell them at work. They clearly go to a lot of trouble to get just the right fabric!

  6. I was looking at getting a hot sling too. I can't decide with this next baby if I want to invest in a ring sling or a hotsling. I don't care for all the extra fabric on the ring slings but really want the sling i get to work. I was never really successful with my first and baby wearing but I really want to get it right this time!


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