Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hearts are full but aching. We brushed aside tears while saying our good-byes for another year. The cousins' crazy giggle games are done and the table is strangely empty as the chairs that were squeezed on the corners for meals have returned to their scattered places around the house.

But oh so thankful for the gift of this time together.

Our family of six grew to fourteen strong in a little over seven years!

The six grandchildren so far...
with all six and under and my two sisters yet to be married, there is potential for many more!

The youngest four grandchildren.



  1. Oh my word! i love the last shot! look at all those chubby baby legs!

  2. What great photos! You are very blessed.

  3. Oh, it was so sweet to see those pictures! I love the chubby babies on the couch!

    Kim :-)


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