Monday, March 2, 2009


Some memories can't be captures with a photograph. They are spring breezes...
I feel their warmth, revel in their pleasure...
Yet, they are with me briefly...and they blow on...and I lack the power to keep them with me any longer.
Such are the memories...

~The sleepy peace in my pretzeled body as I wrap my arms around Benjamin each night and my legs around Maddie who curls at the foot of my bed in the wee hours of each morning.

~Gavin's habit of reading Benjamin a "good morning story" every day...every day.

~The pile of feathery brown baby hair I clean off the mattress after a night's rest. I put it to my cheek before I let it drift into the wastebasket.

~Maddie's lilting songs as she takes her time in the bathroom.

~Owen's clutches to his teddy bear with the well-loved, dangly arm and matted fur.

~The questions about Jesus and Heaven and the prayers for Daddy and a good day...and more snow.

~Benjamin's smiles-- the hold-nothing-back open-mouthed grins and the shy, bury-his-head-in-my-shoulder ones

~Gavin's furrowed brow as he fits the pieces of his Legos and the triumph as he succeeds.

~The cheeks, still sheet-creased, that are so kissable after a nap.

~The hands that are hungry to caress the baby, slip a letter in the slot, stir the pudding...

~The same hands that finger the dough when I'm not looking!

~Maddie's timid smile and shiny eyes when she whispers that she is in love with Daddy but can't marry him because he is already married to me!

I must memorize the moments while I still feel them...



  1. Beautiful!

    It is so important to take in all these moments now. All too soon our precious little ones will be grown and gone.

  2. Beautiful!

    The moments that make life as a mother so wonderful...

  3. You are a wise mother to memorize these moments before they have passed. Appreciating the wonderment of each stage is key to enjoying your children as the blessings from God that they are.

  4. Thank you for sharing these... what great memories!

  5. Now this is a wonderful post! Such depth and emotion and feeling and love there...

    you blessed me today!!

    God bless-


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