Monday, November 9, 2009

Children's Book Monday

The book stack under our coffee table wobbles precariously in these cool months of autumn.  These months where there is nothing better to do (or nothing we want better to do) than curl on the couch or sprawl on the floor with wordy treasures.  I get inspiration from Elise at A Path Made Straight  as she shares her book delights each Children's Book Monday.  (And I gladly walk a path with her on Tuesday or Wednesday and other days, too, as she herself is a delight-- a reflection of His light!)

"We aren't looking for books today, " I warn while riding the elevator to the library...for the second time in a week.  "We need to pick up our holds, and head straight home. "  But somehow one book slips into my bag and another and another until it bulges.  I cannot say no,  for how they love books.

I am partially to blame for the girth.  My head tilts sideways as I scan the spines. I have a weakness for good titles, good artistry, good quality. I am not afraid to say no to twaddle, but alas, my shoulder aches as I stumble to the check-out desk...for the second time in a week. 

Ahhh...but so thankful this book was gifted a place in our hearts...

written and illustrated by Claire A. Nivola

It begins, "A long time ago, when I was a little girl in Germany, I had a doll named Elisabeth."  Surely this was a book for my Maddie and me to enjoy together, the two of us.  And we did.  But the two of us were joined by brothers who also could not resist this story.  Just as  a good story is not bound by age restaints, it is neither bound by gender differences.  So with a lap full of baby and a doll-lover on one side, one boy squished in on my other side and the last boy perched on the arm of the couch. 

Gentle paintings and gentle words accompany this story of a time not-so-gentle.  A time when Jews were forced to flee their homes and leave all possession behind...including dolls, of course.  But I must be careful not to give away too much as this story is best unfolded page by page as you read.  (And I must warn you not to read online synopses as they often reveal too many details of this tale.)

This true story has captured the hearts one mama and four children, and it is sure to capture yours.

Joyful reading!


  1. Oh, I had quite forgotten about this gem! I'm scampering off to add this to our hold list... thank you!

    And friend, may I say how truly delightful it is to *read* you? You inspire with your easy writing, and always your words strike a chord with me. I visit, but have little time to comment... know that I come, and am blessed always. May God continue to use your gift!


  2. I am also inspired by both your and Elise's blogs. I am often in awe of such wisdom from ones so young. I remember myself at your ages...and am grateful that life is not static, that we have opportunities to receive His grace...and grow.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Sounds like another gem. One of my regrets about children growing up is that I will lose my read aloud audience! Will the young moms at the library wonder why this middle-aged lady is lingering in the children's section when I no longer have children to accompany me? :-)

  3. Yes! My new little "pets" are from Target! [$59 for a 4-set (plates, salad plates, bowls, cups)]. May your children always ask for "more" at the library! I have an avid lady reader and 2 gentlemen who prefer to do chores rather than read (which makes this mama so SAD!) Happy day!


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