Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Falling Down

Ten inches of snow blanketed the ground on Saturday and a stomach bug joined our party.  While the white stuff coated the ground, The Bug covered our family.  One by one we fall like dominoes.  Three down, three to go.   Makes it hard to focus on the privileges of motherhood.  It is an constant effort to express intentional thankfulness.  We are reveling in a blessed reprieve today as no new victims have fallen in about 36 hours. Thanking God for this gift! 

We long for your prayers as we recuperate and slowly get back on our feet. 

I'll return soon.


  1. Feel better my friend!! I pray your family returns to normal soon.

  2. O, no! I can only imagine the work involved with a stomach bug and so many littles :( I'll be praying that no one else falls victim and you all are back 100% soon!

  3. We'll be praying that your family gets feeling better soon!

  4. Hope there is some relief now?? Illness is so hard... I am sorry!!



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