Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, the beautiful Maid Madelyn convinced her Knight in Shining Armor (also known as Daddy) to let her get a fish for a pet.   Alas, even with diligent care, Maid Madelyn could not convince her fish to live more than a few weeks and so amid tears, she bid her fish farewell and devoted herself to her plants on the windowsill.  Through the remainder of summer and into the winter, she continued to water them and talk to them and open the shade to give them light. 

And then a hint of spring air tickled her nostrils and the fair maiden longed to add to her plant family.  She and  two of her princely brothers each chose a plant to call their own. The lovely lady choose an orange and white daffodil.  The eldest prince choose a white hyacinth and the younger gentleman choose a blue hyacinth.  They watered and watched for a week as the flowers seemed to grow before their eyes.  By week's end,  Maid Madelyn and the princes spent a rainy Saturday evening spread out on the kitchen floor transplanting their flowers to larger pots with the help of the Knight in Shining Armor.  Delicate giggles and roaring laughs were shared when seeing the large bulbs entwined with tangled, snaking roots.  But even the most dainty did not shirk the duty of adding large fistfuls of fresh dirt to the pots!

When Sunday morning dawned (after a slight upset by the fire-breathing prince), the flowers moved to their new home outside in the backyard.  Tender hearts were assured that these sturdy flowers can withstand the chilly nights of early spring.  We do so hope these flowers thrive and live year after year happily ever after.

The End

Why don't you give it a try?  It is an easy and cheap learning experience.  (Each of our royalty purchased their flower for a dollar.)  We are easily calling this "school," thoughtit was not our intent when we started.  The children have done most of the work and tending by themselves since I have a bit of an un-green thumb!  I'll stick to growing babies


  1. If getting off to a good start is any indication of their future thriving, then I'd say you should have these plants for many years to come! :-)

  2. Adorable story :)
    They 'll be so happy when they bloom!

  3. Cute! They didn't get green thumbs from this side of the family. :-)

  4. What a clever thing... I'll bet my littles would really enjoy something like that... even if my 2 year old looses interest after a bit. :)


  5. Not only is it a great idea... but I love how you presented it!!




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