Friday, March 19, 2010

In His Hands

Amanda says, "I'd love some more detail about homeschooling. Have you ever regretted homeschooling? (I'm so scared I will mess up my kids!)


Words on homeschooling could fill a book.  Judging from the educational section at the library, more qualified writers than I have already filled books with ideas and wisdom on the topic.  But I think the underlying thought in this question is, "How can I be sure I am equipped for the task?" 

Just as in anything in life, if we feel God is calling us to do something, He will provide the strength and the patience and the knowledge to complete the task. 

Do I ever have days when I want to give in and let someone else take over?  Sure. 

Do I ever get frustrated that my child is more interested in coloring a picture than doing his math lesson?  You bet! 

Do I ever feel like I need more time to do this or that...and if only I didn't have to teach school today, I would be able to do it all?  Yes.

Do I ever think I'm too unprepared to teach my kids what they need to know for kindergarten, let alone sixth grade...or tenth!?  Absolutely!

But I'm not the one in control.  When I began this homeschooling journey, I gave it over to God and He has it (and me) in His hands.  When I am tempted to feel inadequate or question if I am teaching enough of the "right" things , I am reminded of these words,

And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

When we do our part, He takes care of the rest.
I have enjoyed answering your questions and I still have a few more to tackle.  If you have anything to ask about homeschooling or any other topic, please chime in!


  1. "When we do our part, He takes care of the rest."
    That is homeschooling in a nutshell. None of us could do an adequate job on our own.

  2. Thanks for all that Kristin... much appreciated!!


  3. Kristin, I appreciated this post so much. I've been feeling really frustrated with myself and homeschooling lately, but I *do* feel called to it. So I'm going to be gentle with myself, remembering all the transitions of the last few months, and the fact that I have a 6-week-old. And I'll keep on keeping on...


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