Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A dress

Did you know that you can go outside to climb a tree in a dress?

Did you know that an adventure that began with delicate flower picking can result in you coming in with grass stains on your dress? 

Did you know when an especially sporty event requires you to wear pants you must be warned a day or two ahead, giving you time to mourn your dress? 

Did you know that nightgowns are the only acceptable pajamas? 

She knows.


  1. I just read this post to Bekah who was reading each question and saying "uh huh." Then I scrolled down to Maddie's picture and Bekah giggled and said, "Me and Maddie know!"

    So cute! ♥

  2. So cute ! My kinda gal :)
    Worked for the pioneer ladies :)

  3. How sweet to have a daughter who enjoys dresses so much. There aren't too many girls who are like that nowadays.

  4. My two daughters are dress-lovers as well! Your little girl is precious!


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