Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Number 6

Oh, it's not what you're thinking, but life is about to get even crazier around here.  The interrupted nights and potty training has already begun. 

We brought our sixth baby home yesterday afternoon, much like we've brought home the other five, tucked between Brian and me on the seat while the older kids waited at home for our return.  

His name is Finn and he is nine weeks old, born six days before Christmas.  

Part of a litter of eleven puppies, he is used to large families and fits in well around here.  He certainly doesn't lack for love and attention. We refer to him as the "little brother."  He's spunky and energetic, but he melts like butter in your arms when you pick him up. 

As Gavin said tonight, "Finn has already become one of our family." 


  1. How sweet! ♥ He is adorable. ♥ Can't wait to meet the new "baby." :)

  2. lucky you!!! we are getting the promised puppy as soon as winter sports are over...the boys are counting the days!! You have a beautiful family!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. Wonderful, our kiddies cant wait until we move into our new home and then the puppy will come :-0

  4. I ♥ Finn! (Spoken like the doting grandmother...)

  5. He's so cute! (Oh, and I love your haircut.)

  6. Had I not already known about Finn...I would have flipped (as in a jumping up & down happy dance kind of flipping) over your post title!

    He's a cutie...have fun!


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