Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Do You... Store Puzzles?

How do you store all those jigsaw puzzles that come in  bulky cardboard boxes? 

A few of my kids really enjoy doing puzzles.  When Owen is bored, if I suggest he do a puzzle on the kitchen floor, his eyes light up and he spreads out all the pieces and occupies himself...for at least five minutes.  Slowly our collection of puzzles had gotten out of hand, though, and when we lived in the townhouse, our small hall closet ran out of storage room. 

The solution was easy.  I cut out the photo of what the finished product should look like from the front of the box and stored it in a Ziplock bag along with the puzzles pieces.  If it wasn't printed on the picture, I wrote the number of pieces on the back of the cardboard cut-out with  permanent marker. 

Fifteen or twenty puzzles can now be stored compactly (or haphazardly) in a plastic storage box and pushed under the boys' bunkbed! 

Do you have a tip for easy toy storage?  Please share it in the comments!  And if you have a question for a future "How Do You...?" post, share that in the comments, too. 


  1. I like this idea. We have quite a few puzzles but most of them are still the wooden or floor variety. I'll keep this idea in mind as our normal puzzles increase.

    It's funny you posted this because another blogger I follow also posted her puzzle organization system today.

  2. A question for you...

    Now that your kids are in two bedrooms, has you clothing organization changed?

    I'd also love a Day in the Life of Kristin post :)

  3. I store puzzles out of reach. Ha, ha! No really, I'm more than happy to pull down a puzzle for the boys, but when they get them down themselves all the pieces go haywire. I like the idea of storing them in bags! For the cardboard puzzles, each puzzle has a number that I right inside the box. Then the back of each puzzle gets the number written on it. Then when pieces get inevitably mixed up, they're easy to sort.


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