Monday, July 23, 2012

The Original Dress-- Looking Towards Fall

Maybe it's only July 23rd, but I'm already thinking about how to makeover Alaine's dress for fall.  Since by then we'll be 15 months strong on the dress, it's going to need a bit of alteration and repair, along with the seasonal embellishment.

I am inspired by Allyson's entry  to The Dress Project, though!  I'm thinking of adding a ruffle to the bottom of Alaine's dress to extend the length, but since my sewing machine bit the dust and I primarily sew by hand anyway, I'm not sure I have the skills! 

For Allyson's detailed directions and  pictures, click on the above photo.

Are you working on an entry for The Dress Project?  I love how every entry so far has been unique.  I'd love to see your creativity, too!


  1. you've beenso creative with A's sweet dress! I love the idea of adding a ruffle. I've seen that on little girls' jeans that have been cut off to make capri pants ... ruffle-y ribbon.

  2. PS ... it's Kathi :) I do NOT know what is up with my google/blogger acct lately. it's gone completely wonky!

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  4. Emahry love her twirly dress. What about adding a piece of pre-ruffled trim to Alaine's dress. That might be easier by hand (but more expensive). I have ruffled fabric by hand and it's not very difficult, it just takes more time. Also attaching the ruffle to the dress might be a bit hard by hand since there would be quite a few layers of fabric to go through at that point.


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